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COURTS   OF   PARISj    NAPLES,   ETC.                   ^

though not a short one, having lasted above four-
teen hours. The custom-house officers were easy
and indulgent, and the journey, without exception,
the most delightful that can be made in France.
Yet, in spite of all these advantages, I do not
think I shall ever go the Dieppe way again. There
is no harbour on the English side, and one must
submit to be tossed about in a boat for the space
of two miles, going or coming; with the chance of
being perhaps thirty or forty hours beating across
the Channel.

I have taken a campagne at Le Menil, about a
league north of St. Germain, just above Maisons.
The house is well furnished, with twenty acres of
pleasure and kitchen garden, and all possible con-
veniences. There is a door that opens into the
forest, and the finest view imaginable. We shall
remove to it the first week in October, but mean
to have a small pied-a-terre at Paris, where we
may come for pleasure or business.

This city is not quite such a desert at this
time of the year as London, yet it is ten to one
you do not find the person you want in town.
The Spectacles are in a very poor plight, both as
to actors and compositions.

The improvements made and making in the
buildings are astonishing, though not always in